Loans for Business

Loans for Business

We offer fast and flexible corporate loans with no hidden fees with the same day.

Corporate loans are for companies that are in an expansion process or in need of extra liquidity.
We set up situation-adapted corporate loans for small, medium-sized, large companies and we help self-employed people develop their business with individualized corporate loans.


Smooth and simple business loans with answers within 24h!

Smooth and simple business loans with answers within 24h!

For smaller loans up to SEK 250,000, we offer extra fast processing times where during normal office hours we provide feedback within a few hours.

  • Fixed monthly fee
  • Payment is made on the same day
  • No hidden fees
  • Simple and secure loans

Contact us today and we will provide you with an attractive proposal for a business loan that will help your company!
(Below are common questions and answers regarding corporate loans)

Questions and Answers Business Loans:

  • If you have a registered limited liability company, an individual company or a trading company, you have the opportunity to receive a paid company loan through Golias Finans.
  • Normally, we are notified if we have granted loans or not on the same day, or within 24 hours during regular office hours.
  • We usually pay out the money on the same day we have granted the loan (applies during normal office hours), or within 24 hours.
  • We have no upper limit on how large a corporate loan you can apply for and we offer quick loans up to SEK 250,000 that do not require the same security and credit check as for larger corporate loans.
  • When it comes to the repayment period, we want to find an amortization model that fits the borrower for the corporate loan
  • The interest rate for our corporate loans varies based on security and loan amount, please contact us and you will get a quick and accurate answer to what your effective interest rate will be.
  • It is possible to repay the loan earlier than agreed
  • All loan applications undergo a credit check of their own and we can also grant loan applications where registered payment remarks are available.
  • When we try your loan application, a credit report is retrieved.

Call or email us if you would have questions about corporate loans!

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