Find the Best Corporate Loan

Find the Best Corporate Loan

Are you a small business owner and want to know which is the best business loan? We have the list of the best corporate loans for you who are looking for good loan terms and a quick application process. With our service you can compare costs and conditions for different corporate loans.

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What is a business loan?

What is a business loan?

Corporate loans are a loan that is aimed at small and medium-sized companies that are in need of a financing solution when, for example, they need to renew assets, expand their business or have had a temporary problem with liquidity. Today, there are several players who offer you as a self-employed person the opportunity to borrow money online. The loan process is usually quick and smooth. To help you choose the best corporate loan, we have listed the main lenders below so you can compare:





Compare and see which company loan best suits your business

Compare and see which company loan best suits your business

With our digital tool below you can compare different corporate loans and easily find the best corporate loan for your company. You choose the loan amount and the desired repayment time, so our tool will automatically sort out the best suggestions for you. You can filter and sort by different parameters and conditions.

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General: Interest rates and fees are examples. Actual fee is based on the credit assessment made at the time of application.


Tips When Comparing Business Loans!

Tips When Comparing Business Loans!

When comparing corporate loans, it is important that the comparison is adjusted based on your company’s borrowing requirement. You can compare different lenders with each other to then decide which corporate loan would work best for your situation. With the tool above you can sort by several different parameters and also get more information about the respective lender.

Other important tips and considerations when comparing corporate loans are:

  1. How is the interest rate calculated? The interest rate or the monthly fee is the cost that your company pays to borrow money through a corporate loan. The most common is that the interest fee is determined individually and varies depending on the credit assessment made by your business in connection with the application. The cost or interest is usually calculated as an annual fee in percent (%) or as a monthly fee (in%) on the outstanding loan amount or total amount. You then pay the interest or monthly fee each month together with the repayment of the loan.
  2. Compare the effective interest rate! It is important to examine and compare how large the total cost of the loan will be. This is done by comparing the so-called effective interest rate. The effective interest rate on a loan shows the level of fees in per cent per year and includes the interest on the loan + other fees (such as any lay-up fee, notification fee). By comparing the effective interest rate, you avoid being tricked by “lock prices” from different players and then get a correct picture of the real cost of the corporate loans you compare.
  3. Loan terms and requirements? The loan terms are of great importance when comparing different corporate loans. Therefore, it is important that you examine how the terms and conditions look for the loans that you are interested in. The demands on you as an entrepreneur differ slightly between the different lenders. Therefore, investigate what requirements the lenders place on you as an entrepreneur when it comes to, for example, number of fiscal years, security / guarantee and whether you must be registered in Sweden or not?
  4. Loan Amount? All lenders have a fixed limit on the minimum and maximum possible loan amount. Therefore, choose a lender that offers a loan amount that matches your borrowing requirement. Usually, the maximum loan amount is based on the credit assessment made by your company, which then takes into account the company’s turnover, profitability, indebtedness and how the credit history looks.
  5. Payment Note? Most lenders demand that you, as a self-employed person, not have any payment remarks to make you borrow money for your company. But some lenders also grant loans if you have a payment note. If the company’s finances and profitability situation otherwise look good, it may be possible to be granted a company loan, even though the company or you as a private person has a payment note.


Choose the business loan that suits you best

Choose the business loan that suits you best

After you have sorted out the best terms and conditions for different lenders, you should choose the company loan that is most suitable based on your company’s conditions. It can then be good to start from:

  • Total cost . The total cost in the long run is perhaps the most important factor when choosing which corporate loan can best suit you. You should choose the loan with the lowest monthly cost and total cost.
  • Maturity . The length of possible repayment time differs among corporate loans. Some lenders offer shorter maturities that start in 1-3 months and then extend up to a maximum of 3 years. The cost is affected by how long you want to borrow the money, as your company is constantly paying interest on the loan. At the same time, it is a trade-off not to have an all too short repayment period. The shorter the maturity, the more you have to repay each month in amortization on the loan, while at the same time a longer maturity gives a lower monthly cost but a higher total cost. You can try out our tool above.
  • Borgen . Most lenders do not require security for your corporate loan, but for limited liability companies it is usually required that the CEO includes a personal guarantee. Representatives of partnerships and individual companies automatically have personal payment liability for any debts.

When you finally found a business loan that you are interested in, you can get more information by clicking on the [Apply Now]] button to the right of the tool above. You then come to the loan company website where you can apply directly and find more information on how to proceed to borrow.


Summary: Corporate loans

Summary: Corporate loans

There are often situations when you as an entrepreneur can be in need of borrowing money. Finding the best corporate loan online is not easy as there are several different loan operators to choose from. If you are still unsure after trying our digital tool, then you can always investigate if any of the loans under the category P opular corporate loans higher up the page would suit you? These are loans that belong to Sweden’s most popular and best corporate loans. They are usually also included in the top list when our users choose corporate loans and leave a customer rating. To sum up, we recommend that you compare fees, terms and conditions and read on each loan to get as good an idea as possible about which corporate loan is best for your situation.


Frequently asked questions & answers about business loans

Frequently asked questions & answers about business loans

How much can I borrow with a business loan?

The lenders in the Swedish corporate loan market offer corporate loans from SEK 10,000 up to SEK 2,000,000.

As an entrepreneur, you choose the amount you want to apply for and the rate of repayment you want.

What does it cost to borrow?

Interest rates for corporate loans vary between different actors and are based on the credit assessment made on you and your company at the time of application.

Interest rates are usually around 8.00 – 45.00% per year depending on your credit profile and risk.

How fast can you get a corporate loan paid out?

Most lenders are able to pay out the loan the same day. But you should expect that it normally takes about 1-3 working days.

Is there any credit report?

Yes, the lender makes an assessment of your company’s creditworthiness and they, among other things, control the company’s profitability, indebtedness and repayment ability by means of a credit report.

In most cases, the credit report is made by the Information Center (UC), Creditsafe or Bisnode.

How to repay the loan?

Your company pays monthly interest or a fixed monthly fee along with repayment of the loan.

With Qred you can for example pay back with Swish and Froda offers a smooth process where the loan is repaid via direct debit.


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